Whether you’re an author needing an editor, publisher or marketing advice, or you’re looking for help with your book cover’s design; or maybe you’re a business that’s just looking for a creative edge . . .

The Attic’s ​Publishing & Editing team can discuss and tailor your needs into a personalised package.  
One size DOESN’T fit all.
Your budget isn’t a problem.

With our no-interest payment plans, our Australian editing and public relations agency has something for everyone.

Out of necessity, this family-run agency was established to genuinely represent and care for independent authors and business entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

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In The Attic is a family-run editing agency focusing on helping indie authors find success. We offer a folio of book cover designs to choose from, editing packages, website design to get you started, marketing and social media strategies, and even the odd writing and editing workshop. 

For those who love to read on a budget, we offer new and second-hand books and unique writing and reading gifts, such as candles, hand-crafted bookmarks, and more.

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Our Australian editing agency for authors also offers traditional representation, public relations, strategic content writing and guidance for those who are self-publishing.

​Our editing agency not only specialises in editing and writing, but marketing, public relations and events strategies for all walks of Australian indie author and Australian entrepreneur life.

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Focusing on the creative aspects surrounding brand building, Indie authors will benefit from our PR and marketing strategies.

Email us today at to discover how your independent dreams can turn into a reality.

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We understand how difficult earning a living from YOUR work can be, so we treat your creations as yours, so your earnings are always yours if you choose the independent publishing approach.

Hybrid-published authors still retain 80 percent of their royalties; some of the highest offered in the industry.

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Your uniqueness is your selling point, but brand-building takes
​ patience, planning and careful execution. 

Our agency will promote your work by using your distinctive qualities, pairing them to the industries which best suit you and your talents. There is no one-size-fits-all template at In The Attic. Everyone has their own requirements, and these requirements are always respected.

Our agency wants to discover the next unknown and
​turn them into a recognised brand.

Aral Bereux
Managing Director, Senior Editor & Content Creator at ITA.