Poverty Porn

A Screenplay.

Poverty Porn questions society’s rationalising of homelessness as an acceptable part of the capitalist social order.

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Final Initiate

In an ever growing world of chaos and uncertainty, Julianna Rae and her Master Watcher, Caden Madison embark on a unprecedented battle for freedom. As new allegiances form and traditions cast away, a hope of survival hangs in the balance as the Reset Project gathers momentum.

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Julianna has barely survived her first battle with the Militia. Now she must follow her new mentor Master Watcher Caden Madison deeper into a world she desperately doesn’t want.

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Book I – When Julianna Rae escapes with Caden Madison from a reprogramming camp, she believes she is free of her violent past. But Madison’s status as a Master Watcher prevents her identity escaping their chance meeting. The World Order eagerly awaits the awakening of her abilities, and with that lies a danger Madison prefers to avoid. Aided by the men of her past, Julianna discovers that some answers sought are riddled with destruction. Will they grant her the truth . . . before it’s too late?

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Julianna’s evolving nightmare heightens when the Militia launch a wave of bloodthirsty assaults to capture Caden. It all hangs in the balance as the bloody war for freedom rages. From the rat-infested sectors to the open countryside, there is only one Master Watcher who can help Julianna . . . But only if her death is no longer his desire.

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